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Graduated from the prestigious Brussels Art School of La Cambre, where she was noticed and specially awarded by the jury, Alice Pilastre ventures between very ancient techniques and resolutely contemporary forms of art. Tapestry/textile and music are at the base of her work. Her "Ritournelles" are a poetic diversion from the traditional music boxes and invite the visitor to interact with the artwork, generation random or controlled music. A nostalgic leap back in time meanwhile a surprising look into Alice's world of dreams.

  • 1984born in Niort, France
  • 2002 - 2004Alice begins her artistic studies in Tapestry and Embroidery at ESAA Duperré where she receives the Dipome des Métiers d'Art en création textile, Paris, France
  • 2004 - 2010She is accepted in the prestigious ENSAV La Cambre where she receives her Master in Textile Design, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2010 - 2011Pilastre is currently preparing the "Agrégation d'enseignement secondaire supérieure pour le domaine des arts plastiques, visuels et de l"espace." at ENSAV La Cambre & the Brussels Royal Conservatory, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2010Alice Pilastre's work is recognized through various awards the same year: the "Prix des Coups de Coeur des Amis de la Cambre", the first prize at the Miniature Tapestry contest of the Lice Domein and the Award of the Cultural and Audiovisual Ministry of the French-speaking community of Belgium, Wallonia - Brussels.
  • 2015Prize for best Commerce Design in Brussels attributed to Alice Pilastre for PIN PON, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2016Pilastre currently works in Brussels, Belgium
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January 2017
"Precious" Press release by LKFF

Alice Pilastre, 2e Prix des Arts de Woluwe Saint Pierre
October 2016
Alice Pilastre, 2e Prix des Arts de Woluwe Saint Pierre

North touch - Alice Pilastre
November 2015
North touch - Alice Pilastre

Alice Pilastre, Textile & Artist
February 2015
Alice Pilastre, Textile & ArtistDamn n°48

"Alice Pilastre fait chanter le textile et la mémoire"
March 2012
"Alice Pilastre fait chanter le textile et la mémoire"By Dominique Legrand, Le Soir (MAD)

"Alice Pilastre, Etroite Union entre rythme et sens"
March 2012
"Alice Pilastre, Etroite Union entre rythme et sens" par Elisabeth Martin, Arte News

Press Release
March 2012
Press ReleaseExhibition by LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects

Alice Pilastre, Triennale du prix des Amis de la Cambre
November 2011
Alice Pilastre, Triennale du prix des Amis de la Cambre

  • 2013Exhibition collective "SCULPTRICES" , L'Isle-sur-la-sorgue, France
  • 2012LKFF art & Sculpture project, Solo, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2011"Jubilations héroïques", Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles in Paris, France
  • 2011"A partir", curated by Mr Michel Assenmaker, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
  • 2011LKFF Art & Sculpture project, Small format, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2010"Fresh out"; Design Festival September, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
  • 2010"Bande Gymnopédique" Costume and Lace Museum, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
  • 2010Exposition "Ritournelles", Festival des arts sonores, Chapelle de La Gibraie, St Sébastien sur Loire, France
  • 2009Exposition "Ritournelles", Festival Citysonics, Maison du design, Mons, Belgium, Belgium
  • 2009"Ritournelles", Masters Jury for the textile Design and Drawing, La Cambre, La Centrale Electrique, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
  • 2009Blue stone Claustra for the Carrières de La Pierre Bleue Belge,International Construction, Renovation and Interior Design Fair, Batibouw, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
  • 2008"Dessine moi une maison", Atelier 340, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
  • 2008"Textile and architecture". In collaboration with the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture of Grenoble, Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium, Belgium
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