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Shui-Lyn WHITE (Guest)

Shui-Lyn WHITE (Guest)

Presented in collaboration with Red Moon Art Incubator

Shui-Lyn White is a painter printmaker who questions and explores what it is to be present in the world; and the role of memory and loss in how we as individuals form and inhabit the space called “self”.
Being an only child on a vast sugar estate in Nigeria and shaped by family histories of migration, exile and war sparked a curiosity into the self and belonging. This led her to question the societal fictions, myths and constructs of the self and to realise the importance of connection over belonging in finding one’s place in the world.Shui-Lyn’s work reflects her Sino-European-African heritage. Born to a Chinese mother and an English father in Nigeria, she has lived in Ghana, England, France, Australia, Malawi, South Africa and Ethiopia. She has spent more than 40 years in Africa where she is currently based between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Shui-Lyn’s images emergefrom a fusion of sensibilities and influences, experimenting between the figurative and the abstract, between profound minimalism and buoyant expressionism.In 2018, after exploring various media, Shui-Lyn settled her artistic practice on the monotype as her primary expressive language to give voice to loss, transience and hope. An attempt to decipher the human experience encoded in the body from a personal to a universal visual lexicon.She has participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions in Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, New York.

  • 2021Shui-Lyn White works and lives in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • 2021Shui-Lyn White is brought to you in collaboration with Red Moon Art Incubator. More info
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