Clothilde GOSSET (guest)


ince early childhood, Clothilde Gosset is bathed in the universe of woodcarving and carries the artistic gene transmitted through three generations in her family. Growing up amidst wood chips, her love of wood grew naturally. Everything started with a slate of mahogany, a gift from her father into which she sculpted the mahogany tree itself. A seed was planted that was about to grow strong, today allowing us to dive creatively into the core of Nature. Her fingers work the wood as if it were lace, domineering shadows and light with an impressive nesse. She sculpts with humble respect of the wood matter. Leaves, branches, truncs are delicately chiseled. The theme of Nature, essence of her creations, strikes us by its elegant simplicity and its strength. Fascinated by changes, mutations, growths and evolutions, Clothilde explores all art forms through ethical and sustainable values.


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    • 1983Born in Saint-Cloud, France
    • 2005Her artwork collection begins with first piece: Harmonie
    • 2005 – 2015She studies a Masters in Information and Communication Sciences, CELSA, Paris-Sorbonne and later works in corporate communications. .
    • 2016She sets up to art studios, on in Munich (Germany) and the other in Auxerre (France)
    • 2017Solo exhibition
    • 2017Solo exhibition London UK.
    • 2017Mentorship program with Softweb and Giving Women.




Silva3 by Clothilde GOSSET

Interview of Mijntje Lukoff by Jessica Matthys
“T’es de Sortie”, BX1, December 2017