Animals will save the world


For the holiday season, LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects is proud to present a rather unusual group exhibition revolving around the animal world.
While debates go strong around the Kyoto Treaty or the Paris Agreement, the artists of LKFF gallery give a voice to the animal kingdom, front line victim of human consumerism, with its impacts on climate and environment. The exhibition questions us, sometimes cynically, on our world’s evolution. In today’s ecological debacle, could we allow ourselves to dream for a brief moment of a world where nature rebels against its condition and fights back to regain control of its future? All artworks have a powerful message to convey: from the insect warriors of Tessa FARMER to the polar bear by DEUX GARCONS crying out for attention. The splendour of Robert GLEN’s animal bronzes invites us to admire nature in its purest representation while Alice PILASTRE’s fragile metaphors point to the urgency to react to protect it. The shadows cast by Arnaud RIVIEREN’s trophies lurk menacingly while confronting a caged egg, symbol of hope and renewal. On a lighter tone, Markus HOFER humorously plays with words but faces the diabolical creatures of Lucien MURAT. Natasja LEFEVRE sculpts boxing hares – fighting each other but perhaps their condition. Meanwhile, the stray dogs of Velasco VITALI observe the scene, silently anchored to the spot like old solemn wisemen. Guest artists of LKFF: Henk VAN RENSBERGEN will fascinate us with his strangely inhabitated urbex pictures while Jeroen LEMAITRE’s insects intereact in 3D with classic ancient still-lives.
Taxidermy, bronze, textile, ceramic, iron, steel and mixed media… are all different media used to represent our fauna by artists with very diverse universes. Expect to be fascinated, surprised, amused or maybe shocked… but in any case touched by the show.

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