Astrolomia, by Velasco Vitali


Opening Thursday 11 October in presence of the artist

For his third solo exhibition in Brussels, Velasco Vitali takes un on a journey inspired by Marco Polo’s “Il Milione”(Book of the Marvels of the world).
Il Milione is not the diary of a trip, but an oral story dictated 26 years after the Asian crossing, by a Marco Polo imprisoned in Genoa. It is an evasion through the imaginary labyrinths of memory, a mental and narrative invention in which the events remembered are still, inexhaustible and immovable images.
Velasco translates them into solid but indefinite sculptures that suggest a journey and at the same time a scam: a lie by the memory, by the story, of an impossible to verify oral tradition that can yet inspire visions and be transmitted.