Hybridization and duality, from equilibrium to unstability


“Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see”.
(René Magritte)

There is never anything that is exact when you talk about human nature.
No one is alike – No one acts the same – No one wants the same. And no one will only have one kind of quality in their nature. It’s here the duality comes in. It’s a balancing act on life’s great slack wire. Keep the balance in some way and you will go on. Loose your balance …

In Nietcheze’s view on duality, Man has two conflicting sides based on the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysis. The Apollonian side restricts human freedom, sets boundaries, follows rules…
The other force of our nature is the complete opposite. The Dionysos force had no boundaries, no rules, no limits. Life is a complete celebration of existence.

As individuals who want too enjoy life and be productive, healthy and free. We need to find the right balance and not let these forces come into conflict with each other so it destroys us.

This new exhibition aims at presenting a careful selection of artworks which take us to the core of our humanity, to the complexity we witness in each and everyone. Ambiguous, dual, strange or even hybrid creations that might shed some light on some of our more hidden forces.