Presence is more than just being there


Opening Sunday 5 September from 2.00 to 6.30 pm

2020-21 has been challenging… In the name of common good, we have been completely isolated from each other; this made us value what we took for granted – the simple fact of spending time together, the joy of a hug, the reassurance of a presence.
LKFF invited a pool of international artists to propose artworks revolving around the theme of «presence». H. Beaumont (NL), B. Carter (UK), M. Ceulemans (BE), Atelier les Deux Garçons (NL), A. Filippini (IT), X. le Normand (FR), M. Tombroff (BE), H. Van Rensbergen (BE), V. Vitali (IT) & Shui-Lyn White (South Africa).
Each artist invited came with his/her own view regarding the theme, illustrating the strong connection, yet individuality of human beings, our need for protection, for reassuring company, the overwhelming presence of absence, the desolation of empty places, the strangeness of an intruding gaze, or even perhaps how something very small can hold a tremendous presence.
But most of all, LKFF would like to celebrate its own new presence in the cosy town-center of Beersel and bring contemporary art to this place we love.