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As a photographer, Henk Van Rensbergen explores the empty buildings of our times, an urban world  where mankind has disappeared.
The photos show the silent beauty and the melancholic decay of these places, sometimes revealing their secrets… Imagining what would happen in a post-apocalyptic world where mankind has disappeared, Van Rensbergen imagines a new occupants for these abandoned places, creating images and impressions, in which fantasy gains the upper hand. “Some of the photos were taken at locations I visited during my flights, most however are the result of planned explorations. I prefer to set out on my own, but with many locations it isn’t wise to do so. I am very aware of the legal questions involved. Therefore I never break my way in, I don’t invade ones privacy, take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints. My work reproduces the atmosphere that reigns inside. These places may have been abandoned by people,  their presence is still very tangible. It is that eerie ghost-like feeling that stirs our imagination so much. I was a kid when I first started doing this, I remember the urge to explore that freightening abandoned villa in the dunes of Oostduinkerke, a Belgian coastal town … the first exploration in a long row!”. Henk van Rensbergen has already had several exhibitions and was represented at different art fairs.
His photographs and his original passion have been widely featured in the national and international press.
Belgian editor Lannoo has published a total of 5 “abandoned places”-books.

  • Photographer & Airline pilot
  • 1968Born in Brussels
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Bij mijn venster  •  a ma fenêtre  •  At my window
January 2022
Bij mijn venster • a ma fenêtre • At my windowPress release, group exhibition January 2022 at LKFF Art Projects

Abandoned Places - Henk van Rensbergen
April 2020
Abandoned Places - Henk van RensbergenOnline exhibition catalogue

Henk Van Rensbergen on AVROTROS
December 2017
Henk Van Rensbergen on AVROTROS

Henk Van Rensbergen "Wanneer dieren onze ruïnes overmeesteren"
September 2017
Henk Van Rensbergen "Wanneer dieren onze ruïnes overmeesteren"Knack Week End Le Vif

No Man's Land - The Salon IV, feat. Henk Van Rensbergen
August 2017
No Man's Land - The Salon IV, feat. Henk Van RensbergenPress release, exhibition at LKFF.

Henk Van Rensbergen "Animal Kingdom"
August 2017
Henk Van Rensbergen "Animal Kingdom"Daily Mail

L'Après. Images d'un roman imaginaire.
January 2017
L'Après. Images d'un roman Renaud Marot.

Fotografie: Henk Van Rensbergen (Excellence by Audi / Part 8)
March 2013
Fotografie: Henk Van Rensbergen (Excellence by Audi / Part 8)

  • 2019Solo exhibition, galerie Dumonteil, Paris, France
  • 2018Beauty of the Beast, Museum Chateau d'Ursel, Hingene, Antwerp region, Belgium
  • 2018No Man's Land, Galerie Dumonteil, New-York, United States
  • 2017Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Belgium
  • 2017"The Salon IV", Group Show, LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2017Saint-Paulus Church, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2017Concert Hall Bruges, Bruges, Belgium
  • 2017Cultural Center Menen, Menen, Belgium
  • 2016Musée de la Poste, Paris, France
  • 2014Life is Art, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2013M-Museum-Leuven, Leuven, Belgium
  • 2012Cultural Center Asse, Asse, Belgium
  • 2017Photo book «No man’s land», Editions Lannoo
  • 2016Photo book «Abandoned Places - Pocket version», Editions Lannoo
  • 2014Photo book «Abandoned Places - The Photographer’s Selection», Editions Lannoo
  • 2012Photo book «Abandoned Places 3», Editions Lannoo
  • 2010Photo book «Abandoned Places 2», Editions Lannoo
  • 2007Photo book «Abandoned Places 1», Editions Lannoo
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