Velasco Vitali – ARIA


Opening on Thursday Nov. 14

The Balloon, the most simple flying machine ever invented by Man, is the starting point of “Aria”, the new solo exhibition of Velasco Vitali. Well sewn fabric, a basket, hot air and ballasts to drop on your way suffice to create a flight, an adventure. 

The Aria sculptures of Velasco Vitali are an interpretation by the artist of the Montgolfier’s balloon. Aria suggests an «aerostatic» voyage, a story, an invitation. Do they symbolise a departure, or an arrival? Their slow take-off from the ground towards an unknown freedom always implies a narrative, a story to tell.

Following the impressive «Sbarco» (read «Disembarqment») of dogs, Velasco Vitali’s last solo show in Brussels (March 2011), the Italian artist is back in Brussels for a now solo show, presenting us a totally new body of work titled «Aria».