Velasco Vitali – ARIA


Opening on Thursday Nov. 14

The Balloon, the most simple flying machine ever invented by Man, is the starting point of « Aria », the new solo exhibition of Velasco Vitali. Well sewn fabric, a basket, hot air and ballasts to drop on your way suffice to create a flight, an adventure. 

The Aria sculptures of Velasco Vitali are an interpretation by the artist of the Montgolfier’s balloon. Aria suggests an «aerostatic» voyage, a story, an invitation. Do they symbolise a departure, or an arrival? Their slow take-off from the ground towards an unknown freedom always implies a narrative, a story to tell.

Following the impressive «Sbarco» (read «Disembarqment») of dogs, Velasco Vitali’s last solo show in Brussels (March 2011), the Italian artist is back in Brussels for a now solo show, presenting us a totally new body of work titled «Aria».