Jean Paul BLAIS


ean-Paul BLAIS does not seek to evoke nor to describe. Only the act of creating matters to him and allows him to transmit the result of his meditation, of his mental journeys, to his art. An act endlessly reinvented through new dialogues with the matter. As Pierre Soulages would mention about black, it is « …both a color and a non-color. When light is re ected on black, it transforms and transmutes it. It opens up a mental eld all of its own ». Blais sees light as a matter to work with on his slightly curved black wooden reliefs; striations of the black surface of his sculptures enable him to make the light re ect, allowing the black to come out from darkness and into brightness, thereby becoming a luminous color.


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  • 1951Jean Paul Blais is born in Tunis, Tunisia
  • 1984The artist starts working with iron
  • 1991Blais shifts towards works on paper
  • 1994The artists starts working with wood and paint, art for which he is most recognized today
  • 2017A short film about Blais’s réalisations by Bertrand NOBS (11minutes) is selected at the MiFAC 2017
  • 2021Jean Paul Blais is exhibited throughout Europe and in Japan, his work is found in many prestigious collections worldwide.
  • 2022Jean-Paul Blais works and lives in Lausanne


  • 2022Musée de CHARMEY, Switzerland
  • 2022Galerie MUTSU CHIBA with Yohei Nishimura, Japan
  • 2022Fondation de L’ESTREE, Ropraz, Switzerland
  • 2016Galerie Bailly – Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2015Galerie Bailly – Geneva, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2014Galerie du chateau de Vuillerens, France
  • 2014Ferrari Art Gallery – Vevey, Switzerland
  • 2013Galerie Junod – Nyon, France
  • 2013Galerie de la Grande Fontaine – Sion, France
  • 2013Paia Contemporary gallery – Hawai USA
  • 2013LKFF ART & Sculptures projects – Bruxelles, Belgium
  • 2012Solo Exhibition, Galerie 29, Evia, France, France
  • 2011Solo Exhibition, Galerie du chateau d’Avenches, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2011Solo Exhibition, Galerie Art-Etage, Bienne, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2011Solo Exhibition, Espace Huis-Clos, Sierre, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2011Ferrari Art Gallery, Vevey, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2010Solo Exhibition, Galerie Junod, Nyon, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2010Galerie de la Chapelle, Lancy, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2010Galerie Ocirc, quai des arts( FAG), Vevey, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2009Solo Exhibition, Galerie Hofstetter, Fribourg, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2009Galerie Jean-Michel Gard, Martigny, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2008Solo Exhibition, Galerie Ô quai des arts (FAG), Vevey, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2008Solo Exhibition, Galerie 7 Jean-Michel Gard, Martigny, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2008Galerie Jean-Michel Gard, Martigny, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2007Solo Exhibition, Galerie Plexus, Chexbres, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2007Solo Exhibition, Galerie 7 Jean-Michel Gard
  • 2007Solo Exhibition, Galerie Jean-Jacques Hofstetter
  • 2006Espace Contemporain, Beaune, France, France
  • 2006Galerie Hofstetter, Fribourg, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 2003Solo Exhibition, Galerie Plexus, Chexbres, Switzerland
  • 1998Solo Exhibition, Galerie Plexus, Chexbres, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 1998Galerie Plexus, Chexbres, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 1997Galerie Collis, Lausanne, Switzerland, Switzerland
  • 0000LKFF Collective”Darkness is needed to see the stars”, Beersel, Belgium


  • Fondation de Corse
  • Fondation Jeunesse et Familles
  • Les Retraites Populaires
  • ECA Lausanne
  • Maison communale de Gland. Two monumental wall pieces.



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