Opening on Wednesday 24 Oct.

Just like the crazy alphabetical of an unlikely fabric of the world, or a hybrid and timeless mythology, the ferocious engravings of Frederic Penelle converse with the sharp video art of Yannick Jacquet (alias Legoman) – or is it the other way around? – to illustrate in a clean and funny way the undoubted nonsense of our world, the untraceable origin of eggs and their chickens, of scientists and their machines, of our brains and their hallucinations. This insanely absurd demonstration hick-ups and smiles, most of all of our own uncontrolled flooding and smoking, of our mechanical vanities. (translation of original text by F. Delvoye)
After winning the Collector’s Prize at Slick Brussels 2013, the 2 artists are back in Paris to present their very last creations.