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February 2015
"Tidy Chaos" Press ReleaseExhibition by LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects

February 2015
Alice Pilastre, Textile & ArtistDamn n°48

December 2014
Yves Danaby Silvano Cattai

December 2014

"Exposition Collective, LKFF fait Salon II , Sculpture & design

November 2014

Mécaniques Discursives, short documentary

Mixed Media Installation by Fred Penelle & Yannick Jacquet.
LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects, November 2014

Directed, shot and edited by Jerome Monnot
Music composed by Thomas Vaquié, with sound elements by Matthieu Safatly.
Produced by Antivj
Management: Nicolas Boritch
Filmed at Imal Brussels

October 2014
Suspendre le Tempsby Gwennaelle Gribaumont Collect, October 2014

October 2014
"Les Bascules de Beaumont"by Aliénor Debrock, Le Soir (Mad)

September 2014
Video Yves Danaby Silvano Cattai

September 2014
La force tranquille des sculptures de Hanneke Beaumontby Didier Béclard, L'Echo

August 2014
Hanneke BEAUMONT "Searching for Balance", Exhibition catalogue, LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects