Latest news and press releases about our artists

January 2010
"Renaissance de Idealismus - Zu bildhauerischen Arbeit van Mario Dilitz"By Lena Naumann, Mundus, M√ľnchner Kunst- und Kulturwelt

January 2010
Installation of "Stepping Forward" by Hanneke BeaumontBy Corentin Adolphy European Counsil of Ministers, Brussels.

January 2010
Armen Agop, Exhibition cataloguePublished by LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects

January 2010
Yves DanaExhibition catalogue published by LKFF

January 2010
Dubai's Eco Warrior, turning the city green

January 2010
"Eggs emplary workGolf Today, 2009

November 2009
"Natasja Lefevre"By Lieven Defour, New Ceramics

February 2009
Press ReleaseBy LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects

April 2007
Hanneke BEAUMONT - Interaction & Self-Protection -Press release, LKFF Art & Sculpture Projects Brussels, Belgium

March 2006
Portrait of Yves DanaTSR, 1982