Latest news and press releases about our artists

April 2021
Sculptor Armen Agop, Simplicity is complexFinancial Times

June 2020
61 Artistes Talents à découvrirArt Absolument, Hors Série, pg 70

April 2020
Abandoned Places - Henk van RensbergenOnline exhibition catalogue

February 2019
T'es de Sortie?Interview of Mijntje Lukoff by Jessica Matthys on BX1 Expo "Thinking about Things" by Markus HOFER

February 2019
Timeless ThoughtsLouise Van Reeth "Timeless Thoughts" Pollen Magazine #9, February 2019

January 2019
A new book comes out for Hanneke Beaumont texts by Joseph Antenucci Becherer, PhD and interview of the artist by Jérome Côlin, Hardback, 280 pg, FR & UK, Lannoo Publishing

October 2018
Astrolomia, by Velasco VitaliPress Release

May 2018
"Shadow Stories"Interview by Jessica Matthys, for BX1

May 2018
"Shadow stories"Focus Vif, by Michel Verlinden

April 2018
Beth Carter - "Shadow stories" - artworksDiscover Beth Carter's universe and the sculptures available in this unique exhibition.