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It all starts with a large tree stump that the artist slowly dismantles with a chainsaw.

Belgian sculptor Maarten Ceulemans (1983°) works primarily around the figure. He shapes his figures with traditional techniques. For several years now, wood has been his main medium. The ever-changing experience of a sculpture during the creation process is for him a fertile breeding ground and generates new ideas. His sculptures often close themselves off from the space and the viewer or sometimes even seem unfinished.
In 2018, the Aarschot Cultural Council (ACR) awarded Maarten Ceulemans for his sculpture in limewood ‘Mister Grandjean’. This beautiful statue now adorns the town hall. That same year, ‘De Bleiter’ (slang for cry-baby), a 300 kg colossus head in bronze, is unveiled right in front of the gate to the Aarschot city’s park. Maarten Ceulemans teaches sculpture at the Hagelandse academie voor Beeldende Kunst (HABK), he works in Flanders, is married and has two children.

  • 1983Maarten Ceulemans is born in Leuven
  • 2005He obtains his Master in sculpture, PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt
  • 2021Today, Maarten lives and works in Betekom, Belgium. He is married and had two children.
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Alors on sort
December 2021
Alors on sort Joelle Scoriels recommends 'before the last cut' but mixes up LKFF's gallery with the Castle of Beersel

Maarten Ceulemans 'before the last cut'
November 2021
Maarten Ceulemans 'before the last cut'Exhibition catalogue

Grote solo van Maarten Ceulemans
November 2021
Grote solo van Maarten Ceulemansby C. Vuegen, Collect

Before the lat cut, Maarten Ceulemans
November 2021
Before the lat cut, Maarten Ceulemansby C. Vuegen, Collect

Before the last cut • Maarten CEULEMANS
September 2021
Before the last cut • Maarten CEULEMANSPress release - solo exhibition

  • 2021'Presence', group exhibition LKFF Art Projects, Beersel, Belgium
  • 2021'before the last cut', catalogued solo exhibition, LKFF Art Projects, Beersel, Belgium
  • 2019solo exhibition 'Cultuurprijs Aarschot', Stedelijk Museum, Aarschot, Belgium
  • 2017group exhibition 'GemlucArt' with Martin Frias, Claudio Bocella, Yann-Eric Eichenberger, Bart Ramakers, Danny Tulkens, Joke Derycke and more, Monaco, France
  • 2017group exhibition 'Tarmax' with Jef Gysen, Raymond Minnen, Marc Janssens and more, Meerhout, Belgium
  • 2017group exhibition 'Beaulieu 2017' with Hans Vanderkerckhove, Tom Dekyvere, Ulrike Bolenz, Hans Bruyneel, Dany Tulkens, Ann van Hoey and more, Machelen, Belgium
  • 2017group exhibition 'You don't need an app to experience the real thing - nothing can beat standing in front of the real thing' with Ermias Kifleyesus, Nils Verkaeren, Jonas Vansteenkiste, Caroline Van de Eynden and more, Kusseneers Gallery, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium
  • 2016group exhibition with Marc Cruysberghs and Luca Aussems, Gallery ParisTexas, Antwerp , Belgium
  • 2016duo exhibition with Henri Vandermoere, The Muelenaere & Lefevere gallery, Oostduinkerke, Belgium
  • 2015group exhibition 'Favorieten' with Raymond Minnen, Marc janssens, Dirk Stoop and more, CC 't Getouw, Mol, Belgium
  • 2014group exhibition 'Prijs Mark Macken voor beeldhouwkunst', eervolle vermelding, Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2014group exhibition 'Invites' with Marc Cruysberghs, Geert Koekoeckx, Lieve Smets and Griet Vanhumbeeck, TARMAC, Meerhout, Belgium
  • 2013group exhibition 'Kleinsculptuur en object', CC het Spoor, Harelbeke, Belgium
  • 2012group exhibition 'Jong geweld, geweldig jong' with Joke derycke, Robby Decorte,Sehwi Oh, Tinne Raymaeckers and Joris Vanpoucke, CC Het Gasthuis, Aarschot, Belgium
  • 2010group exhibition 'Fläming-Havel Art Project', Kasteel Cortewalle , Beveren (BE) & Wiesenburg/Mark,, Germany
  • 2009group exhibition 'Furament' with Jan De Groef, Tjerrie Verhellen and more, Tervuren, Belgium
  • 2006group exhibition 'Out of control goes wide', Waregem & Ternat , Belgium
  • 2006Group exhibition 'Jong en kunstminnend', CC den Egger, Scherpenheuvel , Belgium
  • 2005group exhibition 'Out of control', Etterbeek, Belgium
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